Hiking with a Donkey:“star-shaped” itineraries

Hike with a donkey tracing a “star” around the Bamboul'âne campground

Plenty of hiking paths enable you to discover the mountain and the forest at your own speed. If you’d like, Bamboul'âne donkeys can come with you, carrying your luggage and even your children.

You can follow an easy trail for an hour and a half, or head for the pass, to get to know the donkey and get used to hiking with them.

There’s a three- or four-hour trail that takes you all the way around “La Tatie” mountain, where you can look for fossils, and really scramble around with your donkey.

And there’s even a five-hour trail that takes you up to the crest of “Mare” mountain or onto the rounded back of "Pied du mulet" (“Mule’s Foot”), for those who want to really get away from it all.

So how do you deal with a donkey?

So let’s say you’ve never been near a donkey before, and you’ve never gone into the “wild” on your own.

No problem!

I love helping people feel more confident, in themselves, in my donkeys, and in our wonderful environment.

But doing that takes a little time.

So for all donkey hikes, I’ll ask you to show up a little early, so we have time to prepare things properly. Even if you’re only going for an hour. Even if you’ve already travelled all over France with a donkey!

The hikes leave:

  • in the morning, between 8 and 9:30 A.M., returning by noon for half-day trips.

  • in the afternoon, from 2:30 or 3 P.M.

  • For afternoon or full-day trips, please plan to be back before dark!

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