How to choose which hike to do?

Choosing a hike that suits you

In order to suggest the best itinerary for your hiking endurance, your desire for adventure or comfort, and the season, I’ll need the following information:

  • your dates – ideally, send me a range, to increase the chances of having both donkeys and lodgings available
  • the number of people in your group
  • any children’s ages and their hiking abilities
  • whether you want to sleep in tents or holiday accommodations

With that information, I will be able to suggest a hike that suits both your tastes and your ability.

Hiking around Eourres for several days requires two or three IGN (French National Geographical Institute) maps. To avoid the cost of having to buy several maps– as well as the annoyance of constantly switching back and forth between them – I’ve had a map custom-made with Eourres in the centre. It is available at cost price.

In addition, I provide a topo-guide with details of your entire itinerary.

Holiday accommodation hikes

Choosing to sleep in holiday accommodations means choosing a more comfortable, more restful holiday. It also means a chance to meet your hosts, and enjoy excellent regional dishes.  

Since Bamboul'âne isn’t in a particularly touristy area, our holiday accommodations (cottages, chambres d'hôte, hotels etc.) tend to be not only small, but few and far between.

So it is essential to book in advance!

As soon as you confirm your intention to hike with Bamboul'âne, and we have agreed on an itinerary, I’ll take care of pre-booking accommodations for you, and will adapt the itinerary as needed. Of course I’ll keep you informed every step of the way. Once it’s all settled, I’ll give you your hosts details, so that you can see with them about a deposit and any other information about your stay.

Camping hikes

Hiking with one or more donkeys means living with them full time. It also means spending a few days getting profoundly “back to nature.”

When you camp out, you’ll need more baggage, because you have to be autonomous. Since our region is sparsely populated, there aren’t many shops in the villages.

When you camp, you’ll be taking a “tent” for the donkeys. It’s actually a very compact, portable enclosure that weighs 3 kg. (6½ lbs.) and that you set up for the animals each night.

When you hike with Bamboul'âne, you don’t choose where to camp yourself. The sites are pre-determined, for several reasons:

  • Like you, the donkeys need water. So I need to make sure you’re sleeping near a stream or other watering place.
  • Your donkeys need to graze, and the grass always belongs to someone. Our local agriculture is essentially based on grazing: what the donkeys eat at night is that much less grass for someone’s sheep or goats.
  • So I always make sure to have the landowner’s permission before arranging for anyone to camp out on their land.

This system has meant that Bamboul'âne hikers have been welcome all over the region for over 25 years now.


Mixed Camping/Holiday cottage/table d'hôte hikes

If you want to do some camping as well as a night in holiday accommodations for the sake of a bit of comfort, that’s feasible too.

And if you enjoy meeting people and sharing a communal dining table, there is also the possibility of camping out but having your meals at a table d'hôte.

Feel free to contact me so that we can arrange the hike of your dreams!

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