Donkey Bonding while Sleeping Off-Site

Donkey Bonding Visit

You find your own lodgings in or near the village of Eourres.
Then you rent a donkey while you’re in the neighbourhood, and get to know this gentle companion and all the possibilities for hikes and strolls near the village.  

To get started, we’ll spend some time together so you can learn how to take care of your donkey: catching it in its corral, brushing it, putting the pack saddle on, and more. I’ll explain all the trails and hikes nearby (there are short ones and long ones, easy ones and more demanding ones). After that, you can take your donkey out whenever you please, for a hike, some petting, to go shopping at the organic food co-op in the village… That way you can bond with the animal without having to deal with the whole saddling process!

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