Bamboul'âne’s Herd

The Donkeys

I’ve been living with my donkeys on land in Eourres for over twenty years now.

The mountains around here are particularly well suited to donkeys. The dry ground and lush, varied grasses create excellent living conditions for them.

My drove has dozens of acres of pasture to graze on. From spring to early summer, then from the end of the tourist season to the first snow, they live on the mountain a half an hour’s walk from my house, in a huge pasture criss-crossed by streams.

When tourist season starts, they come down to pasture closer to the campground and the house, in order to be on hand as needed.

In winter, as soon as the mountains are snow-clad, I bring the donkeys down to a pasture near my house, and feed them hay twice a day.

Most of the donkeys at Bamboul'âne were born here. The “senior citizens” are enjoying their ripe old age, sometimes still going for stroll with a family because they enjoy it, but always at a nice, slow pace.

It is a point of pride with me that I have been training them for years to be respectful of humans, and particularly of children.  

I have carefully selected donkeys that enjoy both being with people and hiking.   


Highland cattle

My cows are of the Highland breed.

Very rustic, they too, are well-suited to the region.

With their long, shaggy coats, they can withstand the rugged winters.

For part of the year, Anabelle, Roucette and their calves graze in the same pastures as the donkeys. In summer, they stay up in the mountains, and only come down to the fold near my house in winter.  

Bamboul'âne’s Goat

Mélisse, Bamboul'âne’s goat, has her own pasture near the house. She’s used to going hiking. She comes up the mountain with me when I go to tend the donkeys or the pastures, or just to go for a stroll. She loves to get out and about and always enjoys accompanying people on walks near the village.

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