Backpacking with a Pack Donkey

Covid 19 measure
In these trying times, it can be hard to make projects for the coming months. And yet, it’s so important for our well-being and our family’s morale!
In order to enable you to make plans without taking any risks. Bamboul'âne suggests planning your holidays anyway. If new restrictions are imposed, or if the situation causes financial hardship and forces you to cancel your plans, Bamboul'âne will refund 100% of your deposit.
I invite you to stroll through our website and enjoy the fresh air and vistas while you dream of this summer!
See you soon!

Eeyore in Eourres

with Bamboul'âne is:

  • Hiking on trails and paths designed for your walking speed, to combine the pleasures of discovering magnificent landscapes on foot and the company of a trained donkey who will carry your backpacks and motivate your children to keep on hiking!

  • An exceptional spot, a tiny campground clinging to the mountainside on the edge of the village of Eourres, in an oasis of calm and greenery in the middle of the Parc des Baronnies Provençales.

  • A warm welcome, a great atmosphere at the campground and on the trails; professionalism in both the training of the herd and the organisation of your stay.

  • Over 25 years of experience, and undampened enthusiasm for donkeys, welcoming visitors, and hiking.

  • A drove (or herd) of donkeys that grazes in the prairies; the youthful braying of the donkey foals who were born in the spring will echo around the valley.


New this year!

Discovery Hikes

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