Donkey hikes for those who want to take it slow

A 2-day hike option:

Your first day will be nice and easy, as you go 9 nearly-flat km (not quite 6 miles) on the path through the charming, flower-strewn Auzance valley to reach the village of Lachau. There you can either sleep at a holiday accommodations in the village or at the campground by the river Méouge.

The next day, you’ll head off for a slightly longer, 11-km (nearly 7-mile) path that will lead you uphill via the Sarrazine Tower in a hamlet called Le Château. You’ll weave through fields of lavender and then shady beech woods on your way back down to Eourres. 

A 6- or 7-day donkey hike

A chance to explore the happy valley of the Jabron, which lies beneath the Montagne de Lure, the highest peak in the region. You’ll do 7, 9 or 11 km (a little over 4, not quite 6, or nearly 7 miles) a day. The first night will be in St Vincent sur Jabron, in a holiday accommodation or bivouac by the Jabron River (safe for a quick dip). Then a night at the farm-inn “Danse L'ombre,” in a holiday rental or bivouac by the river. Next you have the option of stopping at the village of Monfroc and then a really short day’s hike to the holiday accommodation “des Ricoux”.

And finally, you’ll climb up to the pass then back down to the village of Lachau, a charming Drôme-provençal village by the edge of the River Méouge (with shops and a bar-restaurant). You’ll have the choice between a holiday accommodations or a campground by the Méouge, before heading back to Eourres along a trail at the foot of the mountains.

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